Thursday, 30 June 2011

Football Magazine "Man and Ball" goes live

Man & Ball is a new quarterly digital magazine appearing 28 June 2011. 

Issue One: Let Sleeping Gods Lie, will be FREE to download, blending fiction with some great football writing.  It chronicles Nigel's initial attempts to sort out the mess in which the game now finds itself.

Articles include:

My own attempt to discuss East German football since reunification.

Stefan Bienkowski on Pablo Emilio Escobar and drugs in Colombian football in the '80s.

A piece by Gary Al-Smith on Arsenal fans in Africa.

Mohamed Moallim on forgotten Dutch legend Ruud Krol.

A guide to the Copa America by Emelie Okeke.

Martin Palazzotto on the worrying trend of the increasing size of athletes.

Samuel Garuda lifts the veil on football's governing body and tells us what FIFA actually does.

Why fans love to hate sometimes, and why Andrew Thomas loves to hate Jack Wilshere.

Tomasz Mortimer looks at Hungarian football, at international and club level, from the fifties through to 1966 (mostly fictional).

And David Hartrick's "The Chairman Diaries"


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